Advanced Payday Loans Without Jumping Through Hoops!

Sometimes in life problems occur from thin air, and they need attention immediately. No matter what your payday timeline looks like , whether it’s every week, bi- weekly, or salary- monthly. You can get approved for a payday advance loan. These loans are made to help the common worker a helping hand when needed.

There are a huge variety of advancement loans available for any of your needs. Because these loans are unsecured, you do not have to put down any collateral. But unfortunately you will most likely have to pay a higher interest rate than a normal long term loan. With the market the way it is today, you can compare lenders to find a competitive rate. Now with these types of loans, there is no credit check required. However, there are a few things they do need to be able to get you approved for this loan. You must be 18 years of age, you must be an American citizen, you must have an active bank account, you need a steady income, and have an income of at least $1000 dollars per month.

The amount you wish to have funded to you, all depends on your income the loans range from $80 to $1500 dollars. In turn the lenders charge a higher interest rate but will get you your loan within 24 hours. If you happen to have poor credit history, or no credit at all, there is no need to worry there are no credit checks on these unsecured loans.

The wrong idea would be to take out an advancement loan without regard of having to put down no collateral. If you happen to fail on the repayment of these loans the interest rates could sky rocket from where they are, or the lender may take legal action against you.

Nowadays, you can not only apply in person, but you can apply online as well. The application is much faster and quicker to getting your money. By geting payday loans online  you may need to give better evidence of work stability or references. A big asset to doing these loans online is some lenders will have a comparison chart to which lender will be the lowest cost to most money ratio. There are no documents needed online. Using the web is the best most efficient way of getting these short term payday loan advancements today.

Will Financial Protection Bill really protect consumers?

In today’s voting on enacting the new financial protection bill 60 Senators voted for passing the bill and 38 Senators voted against it. There will be a final voting later this week, but the majority of experts predict that the bill is likely to be signed soon.

There are a lot of criticism towards the bill from the financial experts, mass media, big and small businesses, some Senators and other politicians. The aspect of the reform which is being criticized the most is that the bill will impose strict regulations and restrictions on every type of customer credit except for the industries, which actually caused the financial crisis. Despite all the arguments that the bill is “too complicated” to be enacted and solve financial problems now, the Democrats are promoting it and stating that customers need financial protection as soon as possible.

Personally I don’t understand why the government in such a hurry. Everyone knows that it is not the best time for the American economy. But how can we cope with financial problems by taking responsibility from the initiators of the crisis to those, who don’t have any attitude to it? Moreover, how can the economy be restored if the great number of businesses are regulated and thousands of jobs are eliminated? In my opinion the bill won’t safe the economy. I also think that it isn’t aimed at consumer protection at all.

A lot of customers don’t already resort to credit options, particularly to short-term loans, as they did earlier. The government of each State already control and monitor payday lending industry. There are practically no complaints against payday lenders in the State, where the industry is regulated. The lenders reveal all the conditions and terms of their operations. They do it openly and clearly to borrowers.

I would probably support the financial reform, if it was really aimed at punishing those industries responsible for the crisis. But what is happening now is eluding real problems and affecting a majority of small businesses providing short-term credit options. It will lead to the increasing rate of unemployment, which is destructive for the economy. Hopefully I am mistaken, but I’m pretty sure I am right.